If the availability of pumpkin flavored everything hasn’t indicated the arrival of fall the dropping temperatures sure will! We will begin to dig out our fall jackets and warm, yet stylish, boots. But, it is important we prepare our homes for the colder weather too! Below are some tips on how to make sure you’re ahead of the curve.


Lawn Aeration:

Lawn should be aeration helps break up the soil and promotes healthy root growth giving you a more vibrant lawn. It is best to do this in early fall on a day where the lawn is moist – aerating the day after a rainfall or watering is ideal. Despite any myths aerating your lawn will not hinder the function of any weed control products.


Install Leaf Guards:

It is important to keep debris out of your gutters so in the event of a heavy rainfall water does not pool around the foundation of your home causing a leaky basement.  Do your research when selecting a system it is important to keep debris out, but let rainfall in.  Systems can range from do it yourself to costing roughly $3,000 - $5,000 for professionally installed systems; obviously the size of your home is a factor in the cost.


Service your Furnace:

Giving your furnace a fall check up may save you from having to endure a cold day in your home this winter! A Pro Tip is to use the cheaper, thin air filters. The thicker more expensive furnace filters actually make your furnace work harder, so you’ll save some money up front as well as less wear and tear on your furnace.


Winterize Outdoor Spigots:

Disconnect the hose from any outdoor spigot prior to the first frost. Check for any leaks and be sure to repair before the freezing weather arrives. Be sure to drain the water. Protect with a hose bib cover to ensure protection from the winter elements.